m.i.s.t. records 2014


We're happy to announce that m.i.s.t. records begins the season 2014 with several news and novelties.

The first one is that Catalepsis, r. Canis Latrans and Horror House are working very hard on their new releases, so we're going to have some news of them very soon.

The second one is that we have this new blog in English, so you can now read about our artists in your language without going to Google Translator (and that's very nice, isn't it?). Plus, we have a new widget for share our content in your social networks, so now you can help us to keep growing on the Internet.

And the final one is our long-term goal, but it's a secret. You'll know about this in the following days. Meanwhile, check our hashtag everywhere: #ElRestoEsRuido and #TheRestIsNoise

Ladies and gentleman... welcome to m.i.s.t. records 2014!

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