[MIST023] Horror House - Black poetry EP

Country: Chile
Released: 9-28-2012
Genre: Electrónica

"Black poetry" is the first single of the second album of Horror House. An eclectic song that makes us think Horror House is preparing a really good new record.

This is the first part. You have definitely to download the second part. Trust me, you have ;)

Maybe you want to know more about the artist...

The second part of "Black poetry EP". "Broken", in its very first edition, is a compilation of three new songs and two live-in-studio versions of "4th Reich" songs.

"Broken" is a nostalgic but very happy album, maybe the happier release ever by the dark and noisy project, Horror House.

Mirror 1 / Mirror 2 / Mirror 3 / Mirror 4 / Mirror 5 / Mirror 6

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