[MS002] Kraai, Bleak Fiction & Crimson Mourn - Preta (split)

Country: EspaƱa/Argentina
Released: 9-23-2013
Genre: Ambient/Noise/Drone

Three artists, three labels, three songs, one great split. Do we have to say anything else? Kraai, Crimson Mourn and Bleak Fiction created this amazing split that definitely have to be in your music library.

Thanks to GV Sound and Pretty in Noise for sharing this with us and with you!

Maybe you want to know more about the artist...

Mirror 1 / Mirror 2

"Lykanthropie", "Soy nadie" and "Sufrimiento no-merecido" composed, written and performed by Kraai.

"Deep solitude still dreaming", "Norwegian doll" and "Weltschmerz" composed, written and performed by Bleak Fiction.

"The devils among us", "A party for our ghosts" and "Weightless" composed, written and performed by Crimson Mourn.

Published by m.i.s.t. records (Bleak Fiction), GV Sound (Kraai) and Pretty in Noise (Crimson Mourn).

Artwork by Janez Jot

Licencia Creative Commons

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