You Still Have Friends

You Still Have Friends is Jasper Swayze-Minson when he feels anxious and smashes together breakbeats and samples and guitars and sometimes synths. It’s influenced by sad mellow rock music like Helvetia and Pinback and The American Analog Set as much as it is by weird electronic music like Squarepusher and DJ Shadow and Boards of Canada. Jasper also has a penchant for making concept albums, aka “album ass albums” - which have their own respective themes and stuff. Also the project was on hiatus for like 4 months but it’s back now with new gear and slightly less terrible production skills.

There have so far been over 6 Yshf records and at least twice that many releases when counting EPs and singles. The very first ones were recorded through an amplifier and sound kinda terrible. I recommend starting with a more recent album (such as the new LP Possession) and then working your way backwards.


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