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We are finishing the week welcoming a new way to download all the music on m.i.s.t. After several days moving all our catalogue, we can say proudly that we are on Bandcamp.

Yeah, that's cool, but what's the real good thing in all this? We know that the genre that we are currently publishing sounds better in a lossless format, as FLAC or whatever. Now, thanks to this website, you can download every single album in our catalogue in the format that you want, since the first one until the last one and totally for free.

Yes, Bandcamp have a download limit of 200 copies, but we have the old links in Mediafire and Soundcloud (for downloads "song by song") yet, and they are now working as mirrors. Don't worry, they're not going to die, so feel free of download every single thing that you want from here.

You are now invited to check our catalogue and to comment in every post. It's very important to us to know what you think about the stuff that we are doing, so please comment here or in our social networks. All this is for you, and we have to know if you like it or not, so please rate us :)

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