Year 2


You had already notice our new look. With a new year, it was necessary to change just a little bit, but our mission isn't limited to the esthetic topic.

We know that we, as human beings, are made to be different than the rest, to be uniques and innovators. We wanna help you to reach that goal. We want you to be the first...

While the rest are listening to the same old bands, supported by the same musical dinosaurs, we show you a new alternative. As we said, we want you to be different than the rest, innovator, the first and that's why we change our slogan from "the rest is noise" (we're still thinking that, by the way) to "Be different, be the first", because that's what we want for you: Be the first in to adopt this new attitude.

Also, we'll release a new anniversary compilation on June 23. You can check the cover right here.

This new year is just beginning. Join us. This is going to be so much fun.

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