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Proyecto Lazarus appears on Midnight Radio Compilation #30

Our Spanish boy appeared yesterday on the new Midnight Radio Compilation with the song "My mind" (featuring Alberto Ortega on guitars).

This release also includes songs by Anna Ambient, The SKIP, Sounds of New Soma, Eisenlager (yes, our Eisenlager), among many others.

You can download for free clicking right here.

U//B announces a new EP

U//B are the most amazing people on Earth and if you don't know them yet, you're missing a huge part of your lifetime.

Now they announced a new EP, which will be available (we hope) on December. More info here.

Also, you can listen to their new remix here.

"Deep damage" includes an original videoclip directed by Horror House

We're so excited to announce that the new Horror House single "Deep damage" includes a videoclip directed by him. This is his first video and we hope it isn't the last one.

This EP (which includes also a new song called "Good vibes") and the video will be available on November 10 with "Static", the debut EP of our new Russian artist lgl00... A double release day!

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