Thank you

This year has been probably the most amazing year in our short history. We appeared in several media, our artists did it too, and I'm pretty sure that not even they were expecting that. Also, we played some of our first gigs this year and that was incredible. Some people arrived to the label, some of them leaved it, but today we are in a good position to say thank you.

We are glad. We can say 2014 was a remarkable year for m.i.s.t. records in its totality, the label and the artists. Everything that we accomplished until today, that you know about a small record label called m.i.s.t., that the media had put their eyes on us and that everyday we grow up a little bit more, is not only thanks to us, it's also thanks to you, that visited us, read us, downloaded our catalog and shared our social networks publications.

We wanna thank to everyone on Sazoot, Sonidos del País, Radio Eva, Ruta Rock, Distant Sounds, Vibes, Bizarro FM, Radio Santo Tomás,, Comunidad Radiohead Chile, Café Radio, Terranean Recordings, Póngale!, Equilateral Records, Centro Cultural de España and La Radio Inventada, GV Sound, Pretty In Noise, Record Store Day Chile and so many others that on 2014 dedicated a little space on their media. Thank you very much for publishing non-commercial music that escapes from you market research and your targets. Thank you for take this awesome risk.

Thank you for being there. Thanks to Rotten Smile, Catalepsis, Canis Latrans, Proyecto Lazarus, Bleak Fiction, Carnal State, TSOMV (formerly known as U//B), You Still Have Friends, Skies Falling, Felipe Rojas, V Crosses, igl00, Jimmy Watt, Jim Aguayo (Nogah K.), Iván and Naldo from Wanda, Loopiando, Dazed Marrow, Baal Lírico and Eisenlager for believing in us, for sharing and for being there with us.

A special thank to Barabajo for borrowing their installations to #MIST02, our second anniversary and also to Nobbi, from Midnight Radio Compilation, for helping us to share our catalog in Europe. Without your help, man, we couldn't end this year at the remarkable way as we are doing it now.

And to you, our lovely and silent public behind your screens, downloading all our albums. Thank you very much for being there and for making this independent music scene being a little bit more known by the general people.

Thank you very much.

This won't stop at all.

Happy 2015 for every single one of you, good people.

Manuel Silva
m.i.s.t. records

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