[MIST097] Proyecto Lazarus - Lemniscata (Phases 1 & 2)

Country: Spain
Released: 1-16-2015
Genre: Noise/Ambient

LEMNISCATA, is the eighth work conceived and produced by PROYECTO LAZARUS, and the parts [Phase 1 & Phase 2] and different concepts, but obviously under. You can hear them as separate tracks, or as single sessions of 32 minutes each one. All this, under this lovely label.

Approaching to the idea of "infinity", from a scientific or material thought. In any art or experience, there is security and a mathematical control, and so, tending to infinity, is only an increase of numerical values, represented by the Unicode symbol ∞, or "Curve Lemniscata".

Only the doubt, only the fire of internal question, allows us to move beyond the rational ban, fueling our curiosity and admiration before perfection. As the child asking about everything, like a scientist, but still dreaming.

When we approach the unknown and try to understand it, our conclusions are limited by our experience. Being fear is logical and humane, because it's a one way trip, hardly graspable by a finite mind and a life with expiration date (...) but we can overcome any physical barrier, delving.

 Therefore, beyond mundane recommendations and biological walls, there is a "frightened man" who continues asking himself questions, and still wants to understand beyond mathemathics.

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