Let's make a movie: Persona Film Festival


Horror House is as crazy as you think. Now our boy wants to make a little movie and he needs your help to do that.

Here's the press release he wrote on his blog:

As you know I was preparing my new album "Persona", but this is already done. This album has not a release date yet because I wanna do something with it first, and this involve you.

This is a public call to everyone that always wanted to make a film, a TV commercial, a shortfilm or any type of experimental films. If you wanna participate, then you have to send an email to records.mist@gmail.com and we will send you the material to work with.

Is not completely necessary to make a videoclip with the whole song, but it has to be present in some way on it, so really you can do whatever you want in this "contest".

The main price is being part of a little videocompilation that I'm preparing, which will be released with "Persona" (and I'm talking way too much).

Deadline: March 29, 2015.

Please share this information with all your friends and let's make this thing grow. The idea is to have as much material as possible to do crazy stuff with it.

Thank you very much and let's go!

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