The Essential Proyecto Lazarus


We have really great news for those who loves Proyecto Lazarus, and if they're in Spain, even better...

First of all, Lázaro Gutiérrez, the man behind all this, is also a really well known singer. That's the reason why on April 30, he will be singing on the release concert of the new album by Daniel Villanueva, called "Cuentos que entierran".

But this doesn't stop there. The intro of this concert ("Equinox") will be performed by Lázaro as Proyecto Lazarus, and we will be able to listen to this new song on April 30, when he releases his new album, "The Essential Proyecto Lazarus Vol.1", a little compilation of the best tracks of this project.

So now you know: If you're in Spain, near to Sala X (José Díaz #7, Sevilla) on April 30 at around 9PM, with EUR 3€ in your pocket, and you want to listening to good music, go there and enjoy this concert!

UPDATE (04/22): Proyecto Lazarus published the complete tracklist and definitive artwork of this album!

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