Year 3


Another year and it still feels special... We had a lovely year and I can't say anything about that. We've made wonderful things -we're still on it, actually- and I think that Netlabel Day is just the crown of our effort.

Independent music is still our main engine and what can I say... We're really proud (I'm really proud) of what every single artist that has passed for our catalogue have become since that chaotic 2012.

Bleak Fiction is making some great tunes, Proyecto Lazarus released his first "best of..." a couple of weeks ago, Kosta T and Rowan Box are our best new artists so far and Canis Latrans is making some noise too. Our family is big and there's more room for more people...

Our third anniversary is a moment in which we can look back and say "well done... we can do it better since now". There's a lot of work to do, we have to improve some things and keep making our best.

You will find the best independent music ever in our catalogue. You will listen to great tunes since now on. You will be different and you will be the first, because there's a lot of great music coming, and trust me... The best is yet to come.

You can download our fourth compilation for free: 29 songs by 29 different artists (that's more than 2 hours of music).

Keep making noise.

Manuel Silva (a.k.a. Horror House)
M.I.S.T. Records

Be different. Be the first.

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