Horror House releases "Eternal Recurrence", a promo EP for his compilation "Aufstieg und Fall"

January 14, 2016

In these days Horror House is promoting his final compilation "Aufstieg und Fall", a 3-disc album which will be available on January 15 in digital format. As part of this promotion, today we introduce the new single EP "Eternal Recurrence", which includes a new B-Side called "The Void".

But that's not all. Horror House also prepared a new video for the aforementioned single, originally release on his album "Fear of Life" (2014).

"Aufstieg und Fall" is a 3-disc compilation that reviews all the productions that Horror House has release until now, including remixes and songs from his EP collection.

This compilation will have a physical format in a limited edition box set of 10 copies. Stay tuned to our blog and social networks for more info about this.

Download the new EP "Eternal Recurrence" here.

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