Rowan Box was recommended by CerebralMix and Pilot Eleven

January 1, 2016

Without any doubt, Rowan Box was one of the artists that made more music on 2015, which was clearly useful for him and his art.

CerebralMix recommended "Meds" (from the album "A Planet Called Sound") in its mixtape "2015 RoundUp". This mix includes musicians as Mark Meino, Saga, Dansu and many many others.

You can check the whole mixtape on the official CerebralMix website.

In the other hand, the British netlabel Pilot Eleven did the same thing with the song "Being", from his namesake EP, released last year here in M.I.S.T.. The interesting thing is that it takes the fourth place of the list, which is amazing!

By the way -if you didn't notice it yet-, many of the albums were released on the first Netlabel Day, proudly organized by M.I.S.T.

Check the whole ranking on the official Pilot Eleven website.

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