Year 4

June 23, 2016

Wow, four years. How time flies...

We've been through a lot of processes in these days, but these four years of learning had gave us some rewards. We can't be happier with what's going on nowadays with Netlabel Day and its local events. We can't be happier with the development that our artists had achieved since 2012 until now. Yes, it's their own achievement and probably we have absolutely nothing to do with it, but we like to see M.I.S.T. as a hotbed of good talents.

Our challenges are always the same: keep improving and working for all of you, listeners and our artists. We have never abandoned you and we will never do it... You're the builders of this project!

Now, we give you our classic anniversary compilation (our best compilation ever without any doubt) and a video that resumes our four years of history in just 30 seconds.

Thanks for being part of M.I.S.T.

And if you speak Spanish, try to visit our lovely M.I.S.T. Radio... Our very first podcast is now on air!

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