[MIST225] Bleak Fiction - Tunnel Passage (single)

Country: Argentina
Released: May 4, 2018
Genre: Noise

"Tunnel Passage" is a dark ambient-based work created in 2014, and was played on an art installation in Museo La Neomudejar (Spain) by Alba Rodriguez.

About “Todos aquellos lugares son la misma habitaciĆ³n”

“Todos aquellos lugares son la misma habitacion ("All those places are the same room") brings together an installation of sound, poetry, video and painting. All this is related to train journeys in a subjective way, especially to the constant walk around Atocha station and other places to which its tracks extend... In this subjectivity there is a certain similarity between travel and the existence of the human being, behind each traveler there is a universe that is born and dies continuously.

The installation is made up of a tunnel in which there is a sound piece that collects environmental sounds and selected musical fragments that could take us on these trips... There are six frames with different formats, most of them with recycled material, thus having a variety of supports. One of the greats faces a video projection, whose video contains parts of the journey and metaphorical scenes that intersect with the sequences. Next to the paintings on a surface there are train tickets without destination, they only have fragments of poetry.

In the pictorial process there is a work with several planes and situations related to these trips, where many elements are integrated in the same scene. Starting from the approach with the memory and the sensation of movement, repeating mental images like people passing by, windows, landscapes, roads, dreams and thoughts always related and within the context. After the approach, there are areas that have been rethought with reference photographs.

Each painting has a specific time of execution, there is a search in giving rise to each thing, being many times superimposed painting on top of the previous, something very processual and ambivalent. There are no previous sketches and each painting is different according to what the format demands, the surface and the feeling, playing between the uncontrolled impulse, the effort to give an order, the destruction and the beauty.

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