[MIST039] Proyecto Lazarus - Metamorphosis

MIST039 (A-B-C)
Country: Spain
Released: 9-7-2013
Genre: Ambient

Maybe you want to know more about the artist...

The first of three parts of this conceptual album, called "Metamorphosis", by Proyecto Lazarus. This is the first conceptual production that we ever release, and it definitely worth it.

The adventure starts with "Life of a drop", an album with six tracks that you'll love without any hesitation.

The second part of "Metamorphosis".

"Eyes of poet" prepares us to the grand finale of this musical trip. This trilogy is just in the middle, so don't get lost and keep listening, because the best is coming.

No words can explain the epic finale of this trilogy. Proyecto Lazarus made an incredible conceptual album that ends right here.

Enjoy it!

Mirror 1a / Mirror 2a / Mirror 1b / Mirror 2b / Mirror 1c / Mirror 2c

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