[MIST040] Proyecto Lazarus - Universe

MIST040 (A-B)
Country: Spain
Released: 9-7-2013
Genre: Ambient

Proyecto Lazarus released his first and second conceptual albums the same day in our label. If you haven't listened to the previous one, "Universe" is maybe the best way to get started in Lazarus' world.

Enjoy this album.

Maybe you want to know more about the artist...

The grand finale of the second conceptual album of Proyecto Lazarus.

As we said in the previous description, maybe "Universe" is the best way to getting started in Lazarus' world, but what is the musical experience but a good time? Here you can get it, so just press play, close your eyes and enjoy the trip.

Mirror 1a / Mirror 2a / Mirror 1b / Mirror 2b

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