Bleak Fiction appears on Midnight Radio compilation #18


As simple as that... You can download the whole compilation right here.

The full tracklist is:

Reskimus & Ambient Man - The Promise Of Arkah
Shava Sadhana - When Aleister Speaks
The Cadence Divine - Redeemer
Ambient Insights - sleepwalker
Goawizzard feat Mr Plastica - Global Dance Inspiration 2 Theme
Anima - Dreams
mileSound BASS - electronical regards
BroodingSideOfMadness - Lily Of Belgium
Aires - contraplacado
Amino - Fly Away
HumanHate666 - Snail Orgy
melophobia - peculiar - shifting milky-way (two shorts) a
Ade Hodges - spider in the web
Deadlights - Heads I Win
L ö W - deaf diagrams beneath the waves
Black Oil Documents - Fleischmann
On Cloud Tops We Glide - Daydream Land
Christian Doil - Eisregen
Norman Sane - Saint Death
Bleak Fiction - Norwegian Doll
7 i i - Exterion
Protuberance - Crying Warrior
Hox Vox & Quantum Prana - Loki (alt. version)
Blue Albatross - Liebe verleiht Flügel
eisenwesen - sentimental bodyguards
ambientium - Transformation
Angular Dreams - Weakness of Living Tissues
Jesper Sorensen - Imagine
Sabrina Pena Young - Lost Confession
Subivk - Dream a Dream

Thanks to Midnight Radio for this!

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