Remix contest!


As you know, Horror House is preparing his first recopilation album called "Kino in Flammen" ("Burning cinema"), but a "greatest hits" wouldn't be something totally new without your help.

For this purpose, we have decided to incorporate a remix EP that will be composed by you: We will choose the best five remixes, which will be included in this recopilation.

Perhaps you already knew that our main goal is to support the work of independent artists, so we also have decided that there'll be a couple more "motivations"...

- We will publish an EP of your project.
- We will include you on the musical grill of Radio PĆ³ngale.

If you want to be part of this crazy contest, you have to install (in case that you haven't this software) FL Studio (10 or superior) in your PC/Mac. We will send you the session of the song in that format, plus the necessary samplers. The rest is up to your creativity.

Every Horror House song can be remixed! (Except "Depersonalization", from "Fear of life", because Horror House lose the session... LOL).

So you want to be part of this? Send us an email to until May 10. The results of the contest will be published in this blog (and every single social network) on May 30. "Kino in Flammen" will be published in our catalogue on June 4.

We are waiting for your remix!

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