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September 25, 2015

We have some great news today. As you know, we were working on Bandcamp since February 2014. In 19 months, we reached the 200 download credits limit twice, which it's great, but it's also really annoying for you. That was the main motivation for starting a new and definitive migration to Internet Archive, the best Creative Commons music platform of all time and that migration starts today.

The first releases in that platform are the new single and album by Rowan Box, "Oscillate" and "Desert Sand Dream". Both of them are available now in our catalogue for free in multiformat. The most interesting thing is that you'll be able to download those albums with the classic direct download mode (just one click!) but also with a torrent file, which is amazing! You can check our catalogue right now.

Finally, we have a new artist in our roster. You'll be able to listen to Frivolity Engine, an Irish project that will release their debut EP really soon. Trust me, it's amazing. We're really proud to have you here, mates, so welcome to the M.I.S.T. family!

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